Snoozing safely

On hot sunny days it is important to take extra care to ensure young babies are cool and comfortable when out and about.

Use shade

Don’t stay outside for long in hot weather and seek shade as much as you can – under trees, umbrellas, canopies or indoors. Use a pram shade and point the front of the stroller away from direct sunlight whenever possible.

Keep baby well hydrated

Babies and young children can become dehydrated very quickly in hot weather – so plan to offer plenty of extra drinks

Check regularly

Hands and feet might feel cool, but this isn’t a good indication of a baby’s temperature.

To check if a baby is overheating feel the back of the neck or tummy – it should not feel clammy or hot.

Remove hats when sleeping

Babies control their temperature predominantly through the head and face and so it is important to take off a baby’s sun hat when sleeping in the buggy (check first baby is well shaded by the sleep-pod or pushchair canopy).

Do not use a closed cover inside the car

Sleep-pod™ can be fitted to a car capsule (Group 0+ infant carrier), but we do not recommend the use of any closed car seat cover inside the car, as this is an environment where baby can overheat easily. We suggest sleep-pod™ is used in OPEN mode only inside a vehicle.

To create a cool, shady environment for sleeping inside the car we recommend the use of Outlook autoshade.