Keep Calm and Carry Your Baby

When there is a demanding little person to look after, the simplest of tasks can seem impossible – having a shower, going food shopping, simply getting out of the house – can all seem a Herculean task. But there are ways that we can make our lives easier. Babywearing aka carrying your baby in a sling, wrap or carrier is a great way to free your hands, keep your baby kissably close and better navigate life with kids.

Research confirms that babywearing promotes their physical, social and cognitive development, can help reduce colicky symptoms and even crying. For you, the parent, simple tasks such as nipping out for a pint of milk will be a doddle, you might get the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee whilst it’s still hot (although I make no promises on that point!) and if you have toddlers too, there is something utterly wonderful about carrying an infant ‘hands free’ whilst still being able to hold hands with older children.

“I love wearing my baby. I’ve tried the Bjorn and Moby wrap, and prefer the Manduca if I were to have one sling. Personally I have all three – but find I use this one the most. It is by far the easiest on your back and core muscles, which is important postpartum. It can also be used from birth through toddlerhood!”

Babywearing with ByKayEverybody is different but I can’t imagine these benefits being anything but universal: there are so many wraps, slings and carriers to choose from, whatever their shape or size. Plus, some of the designs available now are gorgeous – I see mums every week, who have multiple slings and wraps to match everything, from their wardrobe to their mood!

To get started you need to touch, feel and try a variety of babywearing kit to find out what works best for you and your family&nrsquo;s needs. The easiest way to do this is to go to your nearest Sling Library – the advice and guidance you’ll get here will be far superior to anything you’ll find on the high street. Babywearing as a concept is a fast growing trend but it isn’t yet fully understood, particularly within shops – some of the best known carriers, for example, will not provide the required support for your back and may even cause damage to a baby’s hips so expert advice is a must.

Sling Libraries are sociable, drop-in sessions that are run by experienced and trained babywearing experts. You’ll get support, guidance and the chance to hire wraps, slings and carriers to road-test at home. Plus, you’ll get to meet other mums -who knows, you might even get that hot cup of coffee!